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It was a HOT July afternoon at our house. Several of the guys were over for a Family BBQ. We had all been drinking and feeling pretty good. The guys and Hubby had all undressed and I had already fucked one of them. Hubby was out on the patio with one of my brothers getting the grill heated up for dinner. I had purchased a polish sausage to serve with the burgers and other things we were going to have. Apparently my brother challenged Hubby to shove the sausage all the way up his ass to "marinade" it. So just as I walked out on the patio, there was Hubby in front of my brother with about half of this long sausage up his ass. "What are you doing?" I asked. The guys told me they wanted to "add a special flavor" to the sausage. Hubby held it in his ass for about 1/2 hour before pushing it out. When Hubby turned his ass toward us and we all watched him "poop" it out, I got so aroused that I had to masturbate. I took the ass soaked sausage and began to suck on it and stick it in my pussy. Now the guys were all hard and excited. I was soaking wet and ready for some fun. Afte I came on the sausage, Hubby grilled it. I have to admit, it was so erotic to eat that thing after it had been in Hubby's ass and my pussy. It tasted really good too! Hubby shoves a sausage up his ass
Photo taken by my brother-in-law

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I was so aroused sticking this ass soaked sausage in my cunt.
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